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Students presented their results at the report meeting of Social Work Practicum I & II and Mental Health and Welfare Assistance Practicum.


The "2023 Practicum Report Meeting" was held on November 11th to summarize the Social Work Practicum I and II and Mental Health and Welfare Assistance Practicum, at which third- and fourth-year students studying in the Department of Social Welfare presented the results of their practical training. Approximately 200 2nd to 4th year students studying the course participated in the event. Many people who had guided and assisted the students in their practical training attended online and in person, and watched the students' presentations.

At the session, following opening remarks by Professor Kuraishi, Head of the Department of Social Welfare, students presented the results of their "Social Work Practicum I & II and Mental Health and Welfare Assistance Practicum". Using a PowerPoint presentation prepared in cooperation with each field, the students summarized their training, touching on such learning topics as "the importance of individualization and how to reflect this in support," "the significance of multidisciplinary cooperation and its relevance to community building," and "the values and expertise that one should possess as a social worker.”

After the report, the supervisor praised the students, commenting, "I can visibly see the results of their learning as they were able to verbalize what they had learned," and "I expect them to grow further by making use of what they learned in the training.”

The junior students who will go to the next year's practical training also listened attentively to the report, and commented, "I now understand what the older students experienced during their practical training," and "I am looking forward to the next year's practical training."


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