大学院 建築学研究科の学生がトルコで海外保存修復実習を行いました。


English below.


トルコ・バフチェシヒル大学との間の一般交流協定に基づき、大学院 建築学研究科(建築学専攻 / 景観建築学専攻)修士2年生の計7人が1029日から1111日までの14日間で、海外保存修復実習の一環としてトルコで実習を行いました。






参加した中谷 友維さん(景観建築学専攻修士2年)は「以前からトルコを訪れたかったので、今回、トルコ実習に参加できてとても良かったです。日本とは異なる造りの伝統的な建築をたくさん見学し、充実した研修でした」と話しました。


Students of the Graduate School of Architecture conducted an overseas practical training for conservation and restoration in Turkey.


Based on a general exchange agreement with Bahçeşehir University in Turkey, a total of seven second-year master's students of the Graduate School of Architecture (Department of Architecture / Landscape Architecture) spent 2 weeks from October 29th to November 11th in Turkey as part of their overseas conservation and restoration training.

In Turkey, they visited more than 20 places, including palaces, mosques, and other historical buildings, as well as conservation and restoration sites. They also made sketches and deepened their knowledge of architecture. They also visited Bahçeşehir University and paid a courtesy visit the Chancellor and the Dean.

On the last day, the students exhibited their sketches in the university as a result of the training. After the class, the students went on a cruise on the Bosphorus Strait on the university's cruise ship and ate kebabs, a traditional Turkish dish, for lunch, interacting with both local faculty and students.

Ms. Yui Nakatani, a second-year master's student in the Landscape Architecture Major, said, "I have wanted to visit Turkey for some time, so I was delighted to be able to participate in this training program. It was a fulfilling training program, as I visited many traditional architectures that have different structure from those in Japan."


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