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The full version of the tour of the Mukogawa Women's University campus is now available.

The full version of "Touring the Mukogawa Women's University Campus," a video introducing the Mukogawa Women's University campus, has been completed and is now available on the official Public Relations Department's YouTube channel. With the addition of the U.S. branch campus, which is not included in the short version, the video provides a more realistic picture of the entirety of the University, which spans both Japan and the United States.

Four campuses are condensed into a 2-minute video. The speed of the video is so fast that it is almost like riding on an attraction.

After a bird's-eye view of the central campus from above, the camera moves into the Koei Memorial Hall. The camera moves up and down the atrium space, showing classes and students studying on their own. In the central library, the camera zooms in on students heading to the library café and searching for books on the shelves. In the School Education Building, students chatting on the terrace and studying on their own in the commons can be seen.

At the Hama-Koshien campus, white coats are reflected in the bright light spilling through the glass walls, and at the Kami-Koshien campus, the Koshien Kaikan is a stunning architectural beauty.

The sunset on the Kami-Koshien campus is replaced by a sweeping view of the United States. The season of this magnificent campus nestled along the Spokane River is spring. Brick-colored buildings can be seen between the greenery and flowers, and the students are looking relaxed.

We created this image to convey the real image of our blessed campus to those who have never seen the University in person. The full version can also be viewed by clicking on the top of the home page.


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