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Koshien Kaikan Light-up was opened to the public for the first time in four years.

On November 25th, Mukogawa Women's University Koshien Kaikan, which had been closed to the public for a while, was lit up for the first time in four years at the Kamikoshien campus. The handmade lights were created by students as part of their studies, who devised the best way to illuminate the building with floodlights to make it look its most pleasing to the eye. Visitors marveled at the sight of the Koshien Kaikan floating in the cool winter air.

This year, about 100 students from the Department of Architecture, the Department of Landscape Architecture, and the Graduate School of Architecture worked on the illumination. All of them spent about a month preparing for the event in their seminars and fieldwork classes.

When the doors opened at 5:00 p.m., people of all ages, including families, couples, and friends who had made reservations in advance, proceeded to the tour route. A man and his wife from Osaka City commented, "This is my first visit to the hall, and it is a fantastic environment to learn about historical buildings as living teaching materials. I would like to visit during the daytime next time."

Dean Okazaki added, "The Japanese traditional style of architecture is characterized by long wooden eaves, which create deep shadows under them. The students worked through a trial-and-error process to find the best position of the floodlights in order to create beautiful shadows. Sunlight illuminates the building from above, but we hope that by illuminating the building from below, visitors will be able to enjoy the depth of the Koshien Kaikan in the evening."

Koshien Kaikan was open to the public for two days every year from 2006, when the Department of Architecture (now the School of Architecture) was established on the Kamikoshien Campus, until 2019, and was a popular event attracting over 5,000 people. It was suspended in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic still at rise, and last year it was closed to the public and students conducted a smaller-scale light-up.


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