「武庫女ステーションキャンパス」が、第25回人間サイズのまちづくり賞(まちなみ建築部門 知事賞)を受賞しました。


English below.


阪神電鉄「鳴尾・武庫川女子大前」駅直近の高架下にある「武庫女ステーションキャンパス」が、令和5年度/第25回人間サイズのまちづくり賞(まちなみ建築部門 知事賞)を受賞し、11月25日に兵庫県公館で、生活環境学部の三好庸隆学部長と岩田章吾教授らが表彰状を授与されました。




今年度は「まちなみ建築」「まちづくり活動」「花緑」の3部門で計78件の応募があり、人間サイズのまちづくり賞(知事賞)8件、人間サイズのまちづくり奨励賞(部長賞)9件が選定されました。まちなみ建築部門 知事賞には、武庫女ステーションキャンパスのほかに、NATURE STUDIO (神戸市兵庫区) 、 かこてらす・加古川市東消防署 (加古川市)、 川西市立総合医療センター (川西市)が選ばれました。




表彰式には、事業主として学院(大河原理事長代理 重岡譲参与)、企画・設計者として三好学部長と岩田教授、実施設計・監理を担当したPPI計画・設計研究所、施工会社として㈱ハンシン建設が出席しました。




The Mukojo Station Campus, located under the elevated railway tracks near Hanshin Electric Railway's Naruo Mukogawa Women's University Station, received the 25th Governor's Award in the Townscape Architecture Category of the 2023 Human-Sized Town Development Award. The award was presented by the Hyogo Prefectural Government.

 This award was established by Hyogo Prefecture in 1999 as the "Human-Sized Town Development Award" based on the "City Development Fundamental Regulations". Each year, the award is presented to an outstanding building that contributes to urban development appropriate for a growing society, or to an organization that has made outstanding achievements in urban development activities.

The Mukojo Station Campus was highly evaluated for its novelty in that it is a collaboration between a railroad company and a university to build a university campus with a regional base function under an elevated station, its open appearance that makes it easy for local residents to stop by, and its community development efforts through the Naruo Area Management Liaison Committee.

The award ceremony was attended by the institute (Counselor Yuzuru Shigeoka, acting for Chancellor Okawara) as the project owner, Dean Miyoshi and Professor Iwata as planners and designers, PPI Planning and Design Institute, Inc. as the implementation designer and supervisor, and Hanshin Construction Inc. as the construction company.

During the "Introduction of the Governor's Award" at the award ceremony, Dean Miyoshi explained the significance of the "Mukojo Station Campus" project, the project scheme, and the key points of the architectural design.



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