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「在宅医療推進教育プログラム:HOPE(Home care Promotion Education program )」は日本薬学会関西支部が2019年度より実施しているもので、関西圏の協力薬局と大学が連携し、実務実習前後の学生が在宅医療の現場や地域の介護施設などで、地域の薬局・薬剤師と他の医療系職種との連携を学ぶ場を設けています。実際に在宅の臨床現場を体験することで理解を深め、将来、地域医療の中核を担う薬剤師を育成することを目的とし、今年度より薬学部を持つ関西のすべての大学が参加。本学薬学部からも薬学科の6人が参加しました。


The 73rd General Meeting and Congress of the Kansai Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan was held on 14th October at Kobe Gakuin University Port Island Campus (Chuo-ku, Kobe), where six pharmacy students who participated in the Home care Promotion Education Programme (HOPE) 2023 gave presentations of their achievements.


In the presentation, a fourth-year pharmacy student received the 'Excellent Poster Presentation Award' for her presentation entitled 'Pharmacists' Intervention in Home Healthcare'.


The Home Care Promotion Education program (HOPE) is being implemented by the Kansai Branch of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (PSJ) from 2019, with cooperation from cooperating pharmacies and universities in the Kansai region, where students before and after practical training are given opportunities to participate in home healthcare at local nursing care facilities. The program provides opportunities for students to learn about collaboration between local pharmacies and pharmacists and other medical occupations. The aim is to deepen understanding by actually experiencing the clinical site of home care and to develop pharmacists who will play a pivotal role in community healthcare in the future.


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