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「第8回 秋KESSA杯争奪 学生英語弁論大会」(主催:関西英語会連盟)が11月23日、オンライン上で開催され、文学部英語グローバル学科3年の田中温香さんが3位に入賞しました。同大会は、西日本で同連盟に加盟する大学の代表学生が、8分間の英語スピーチと4分間の英語による質疑応答を競う大会です。


田中さんの演題は「A Wall of Perseverance (忍耐の壁)」。「忍耐が美徳とされる日本では、親もまた子供に粘り強く耐えることを期待します。仲間が本当に辛い時、すぐに助けを求められるよう皆で声を掛けよう」と呼びかけました。田中さんは、「3位入賞は嬉しい成果ですが、悔しさも残ります。次の大会ではもっと聴衆の心に響くスピーチができるよう、今後も練習に励みます」と話しました。






The 8th Autumn KESSA Cup Student English Speech Contest (organized by the Kansai English Society Association) was held online on 23rd of November, with Nodoka Tanaka, a third-year student in the Department of English Global Studies in the Faculty of Letters, winning third place. In this competition, representative students from universities in western Japan who are members of the federation compete in an eight-minute English speech and a four-minute English question-and-answer session.


 Ms. Tanaka's speech was entitled 'A Wall of Perseverance'. In Japan, where patience is a virtue, parents also expect their children to persevere. We should encourage everyone to seek help immediately when they are in real pain". Ms Tanaka said, "Winning third place is a great achievement, but it also leaves me with a sense of bitterness. I will continue to practice hard so that my speech will resonate even more with the audience at the next competition".


 Professor Toshihiro Shimizu of the Department of English and Global Studies (Global Communication), who was in charge of teaching the students, said: 'Ms Tanaka spoke to the audience in her own words and with dignity about the lessons she learned from her own experiences. Winning a prize at the Autumn KESSA Cup, where the best English speech schools gather, is a testament to our department's excellent English language skills".


This year, the Department of English and Global Studies at the University has continued to win top prizes in two consecutive competitions, following its runner-up finish in the Hitomi Cup English Speech Contest (Showa Women's University).


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