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Aya Shirai, who served as the first female mayor of Amagasaki City from 2002 to 2010, spoke about her career at a lecture for students of the Faculty of Business Administration at the Central Campus on 29th of November.


 The lecture is part of the School of Business Administration's 'Career Design Special Lecture I', in which women working in various fields are invited as guest speakers each time to discuss women's career development. Since retiring as mayor of Amagasaki City, Ms. Shirai has served as an external director of a number of companies and continues to support women's empowerment through lectures and other activities.


In her lecture, Ms. Shirai reflected on her career and shared with the audience of her episodes.


In her lecture, she also explained the challenges for women in Japan today, such as the lack of progress in women's activities in politics and the economy, using multiple data such as the Gender Gap Index. Ms. Shirai also introduced messages that have stayed with her, such as the words of her former high school teacher: "Be a person who supports society", and what she values in her life.


 The students listened to Ms Shirai's career-related episodes and stories from her time as mayor of Amagasaki, and took notes enthusiastically. In response to a student's question, "What kind of university life should I lead to become like you?" Mr Shirai replied: "It is important to think about what kind of person you want to be and what kind of life you want to lead, and to look at the world as your own affair with interest and concern. It is also good to ask people around you how you see yourself."


"Life is a series of coincidental events," said Ms Shirai. 'What you feel and do through those events is what makes you who you are. Try to act proactively to make the most of these coincidental events", she encouraged the students.


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