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The sale of meal tickets to students and staff at the junior college's Department of Dietary Life and Food Sciences’ Meal Service Management Practicum resumed for the first time in four years, with about 50 students and staff enjoying the food on the first floor of the Health Science Building during the lunch break on 8th of December.

The food service management practical training is a class conducted in the first year of junior college in order to train nutritionists with practical skills. In a practical room equipped with the latest hygiene management system, students operate the process of menu planning, ordering ingredients, cooking and managing questionnaires. Handmade tickets are sold on campus to encourage students to try the completed lunch menu, and the feedback from the questionnaires is used for future products. The provision of school lunches used to be an annual event every autumn, but due to the pandemic, it has been suspended since FY2020 and has been awaiting resumption.

 The menu for the day included quiche-style egg rolls with spinach, lotus root and shimeji mushrooms, onion soup with minced chicken, edamame and carrot namul, and apple and black tea pound cake.

Seventeen first-year students from the junior college's dietetics department cooked the dishes, keeping the hot food warm and colorfully arranging each dish on a plate. When the customers started to line up at the counter, the students served soup and rice for each of their responsibilities, and presented the plates in a skillful manner.

Professor Rie Horiuchi said: "In this practical training, we use the HACCP system for production control, quality control and hygiene control, and prepare reports while making 100 school lunches. There is a sense of anticipation every time because we have to serve the meals on time. Students who do not have much experience in cooking become more skillful as they go through the process. The students seem to be highly satisfied when the questionnaires are highly rated".



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