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On November 30th, students donated handmade picture book, "Sakura Machi to Mirai", to the city of Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, as part of the "Ehon Mirai Project," a project born out of a class in the Department of Human Environmental Sciences.

The "Ehon Mirai Project" was launched by Yuzuka Omichi and Aimi Sasai, third-year students in the Department of Human Environmental Sciences, who took the first semester of the "Field Design Exercise III" in the City Planning Course with the aim of considering the future of the city through picture books.

At the "Chaya Tanabata Festa" held in Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, in July this year, students held a workshop and drafted a 48-page picture book entitled "Sakura Machi to Mirai" (Sakura Machi and Mirai), incorporating the voices of local residents. The story is about Mirai-kun, a resident of Ashiya City, who meets five cherry blossom fairies and discovers the appeal of Ashiya City. The students handmade everything from the original drawings to the story. In order to make this into a hardcover book that is easy for children to pick up, character merchandise and other items for the book were created. The proceeds from sales at cultural festivals and other events were used to cover bookbinding costs.

With the cooperation of Ashiya City and the Chayano-cho Community Association, 50 picture books were recently published. The books were donated to Ashiya City Hall and the Chayano-cho Community Association. In Ashiya City, the students reported their activities directly to Mayor Shunsuke Takashima and handed over the picture books.

The students commented, "We are happy that our picture book, which we created from scratch, has taken shape with the cooperation of so many people and can be delivered to the community. It would be great if this picture book inspires children to love their town even more and dream of the future. I hope that this picture book will be loved by the locals for some time."


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