「武庫川女子大学presents 有華ホームカミングライブ」の動画を公開。卒業生のシンガーソングライター・有華の熱いメッセージを届けます。


English below. 




ライブでは、本学音楽学部の卒業生でシンガーソングライターの有華さんが、大人気の「Baby you」や「Bestie」「カラフル」などを熱唱。会場を埋めた本学在学生・生徒をはじめ、中高生や一般の人ら約750人を魅了しました。




有華さんは2023年1月に「Baby you」でメジャーデビューし、同10月にメジャー1stフルアルバム「messy bag」をリリース。Tik Tok上半期トレンド大賞2023年ミュージック部門賞を受賞しました。


Video of 'Mukogawa Women's University presents Yuka Homecoming Live'. It delivers a passionate message from alumni singer-songwriter Yuka.

A video showing the “Yuka Homecoming Live Concert' (organized by Mukogawa Women's University) held on 3rd of December 2023 at Mukogawa Women's University's Koe Memorial Auditorium, with an interview with Yuka now available. It can be found on the Public Relations Office's official YouTube channel.

At the live performance, Yuka, a singer-songwriter and graduate of the University's School of Music, sang popular songs such as 'Baby you', 'Bestie' and 'Colorful'. She attracted approximately 750 people, including students and alumni of the university, junior and senior high school students and the general public, who filled the venue.

The video features an interview with Yuka after the concert, in which she talks about what she gained from her studies at Mukogawa Women's University and her most unforgettable memories, as she stood on stage at her alma mater for the first time in seven years and various scenes from her school days came rushing to her mind.

Yuka made her major label debut in January 2023 with 'Baby you' and released her first full major label album 'messy bag' in October 2023, which won the Tik Tok year trend award in the music category in 2023.


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