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「MUKOnoa⁺」は、西宮北口キャンパス(愛称:Kita-E)で 2023 年度からキャリアアップを目指すすべてのビジネスパーソンを対象に男女共学でスタートしました。リスキリングが国を挙げて推奨される中、「ビジネスパーソンのためのDX基礎講座」など、パソコンやDTP、Webなど、いまや就業に欠かせないデジタルスキルに特化した約150講座を開講しています。「お父さんのための子育て講座」など、男性を支援する武庫女ならではの講座もあります。在職しながら転職を目指す人にも学びやすいよう、対面/オンライン、個人受講/クラス制など多様な学び方を用意。「対面/オンラインの個人受講」の場合、予約すれば好きな時間に受講でき、わからないところはその場で質問できるため、その人のペースで学ぶことができます。






The MUKOnoa (MUKOnoa Plus) initiative has been selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) for the 'Career Development Support through Reskilling' project.


The Mukogawa Women's University Recurrent Education Centre "MUKOnoa (MUKOnoa Plus)" initiative has been adopted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) for its "Career Development Support Project through Reskilling". (The adopted operator is Work Academy Co.)

 The project aims to develop a system that integrates career consultation, provision of reskilling and support for career change, with the aim of facilitating reskilling and labor mobility.

started at the Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Campus (nicknamed Kita-E) in FY2023 as a co-educational school for all businesspersons aiming to heighten their careers. With reskilling being recommended by the national government, the school offers about 150 courses specializing in digital skills that are now essential for employment, such as PCs, DTP and the web, including the 'Basic DX Course for Businesspersons'. There are also courses that are unique to Mukojo, which supports men, such as the 'Parenting Course for Fathers'.

One of the most attractive features offered is that it is a one-stop service, not only for learning again, but also for career counselling by professional career counsellors, career change support and job introductions. In December, five companies participated in a joint company information session for 20 applicants.

In less than a year since its establishment, more than 300 people have used the career counselling service, and five have found the company of their choice and switched jobs.


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