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社会情報学部 大森ゼミの学生が企画した「丹波篠山の食を巡る日帰りバスツアー」のモニターツアーが1月20日、行われ、31人が参加しました。












Many people took part in the 'One-day bus food tour in Tamba Sasayama' organized by students of the Omori seminar of the School of Social Informatics.


On 20th of January, 31 people took part in a one-day bus tour of the food of Tamba Sasayama, organized by students of the Omori Seminar in the School of Social Informatics.

 The Omori Seminar has long been involved in food research to develop food resources in the Tamba region of Hyogo Prefecture. The bus tour was devised by four third-year students of the seminar in response to a request from the Hyogo Prefectural Citizens' Bureau to implement food tourism. The students went to Tamba Sasayama many times and spent about a year working out a plan to create a tour that would not only allow people to eat, but also to experience the attractions of Tamba. A questionnaire was sent to about 100 respondents on campus to formulate a plan, which was then made into a one-day bus tour with the help of Nippon 0 Travel Co.

The bus departed from Osaka and arrived in Tamba Sasayama in about two hours. First, they experienced painting at the pottery production centre of 'Tamba-yaki', 'Tou-no-Sato'. Afterwards, they had lunch at a 400-year-old thatched-roofed old private house restaurant using Tamba ingredients, and enjoyed picking fresh strawberries themselves at an aerial strawberry farm.

The students also acted as tour guides. They explained the highlights and itinerary on the bus and handed over the beverage money. They showed their hospitality by checking the number of people on the bus before and after boarding, and by talking to each participant and taking photos.

Asuka Mure, a third-year student at the Department of Information and Media Studies, who worked on the project, said: 'We planned this event not only to eat, but also to let people experience the charm and unusualness of Tamba through a variety of experiences. I am glad to see so many people participating and enjoying themselves".


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