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The Takahashi Seminar of the Department of Management held a winter fair at Lalaport Koshien.

On 14th of January, the Takahashi Seminar of the Department of Business Management held a one-day-only 'NEON Ennichi Fest' at Lalaport Koshien*. The third-year students of the Takahashi Seminar organized a "winter fair" under the theme of neon, which is popular with Generation Z, with yo-yo fishing, super ball scooping, lucky ball, shooting, crash bowling and bingo games, all lit up by neon lights. Handmade bowling balls made from plastic bottles and a photo spot were also available.

 On the day of the event, many parents and children visited one after another immediately after it opened at 10am, and a queue formed in the blink of an eye. By midday, the prizes and yo-yos that had been prepared ran out, and students had to rush to buy them or make more. Most participants bought five tickets instead of one and enjoyed the games prepared by the students to the fullest. The number of guests exceeded expectations and the event ended two hours earlier than planned.

Seminar teacher, Professor Chieko Takahashi of the Department of Business Administration, commented: 'I am glad that the content of the event, which was conceived by the students, matched the clientele so well, and that so many people enjoyed it. I think the seminar students were able to learn the difficulties of planning and operation.

LaLaport Koshien and Mukogawa Women's University have concluded an industry-university agreement and cooperate in local activities.


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