能登半島地震 薬剤師の穴水町派遣チームでの活動報告


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As a member of the Hyogo Pharmaceutical Association's medical support dispatch team for the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, Professor Koji Hama of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences was dispatched to Anamizu Town, Ishikawa Prefecture, from January 26th to 30th.

The first day of activities began with the handover of the team members there to the medical support activity team headquarters in Anamizu Town, which took 2.5 hours by rental car from Kanazawa Station, while taking emergency detour routes for roads that collapsed along the way. Each day, the team returned to their quarters, about 50 km away from the support headquarters, exchanging information with the pharmacist teams that had gathered from all over Japan and were dispatched to various areas in the Noto Peninsula.

 The main activities of the pharmacists included dispensing disaster prescriptions by DMAT (Disaster Medical Assistance Team) and JMAT (Japan Medical Association Disaster Medical Team), delivering medicines to evacuation centers, providing guidance on medication, screening evacuees in poor health, recommending medical examinations, hygiene management and disinfection of evacuation centers, measuring CO2 concentration and ventilation, etc. and ventilation guidance, etc. They also accompanied the DMAT team to the evacuation centers.

Collaborating with public health nurses to provide OTC medicines for bruises of evacuees who remained at home, and shared information on the opening of general practitioners and local pharmacies with evacuation centers, before handing over to the next team.


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