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A story-telling session was held using original picture books donated to Ashiya City by students from the Department of Human Environmental Sciences.

On 30th of January, a story-telling session using the picture book 'Sakura Machi to Mirai', which was created by students in a class at the Department of Human Environmental Sciences and donated to Ashiya City, was held at Ashiya Seido Kindergarten.

The book is an original picture book handmade by Aimi Sasai and Yuuka Omichi, third-year students at the Department of Human Environmental Sciences, from the original illustrations to the story. The story is about 'Mirai-kun', a resident of Ashiya City, who meets five cherry blossom fairies and discovers the charms of Ashiya City.

The book was presented at a workshop in July last year, and 14 of the 50 copies, which were bound into hard covers with funds raised, were donated to Ashiya City in November. The books were also distributed to Seido Kindergarten, which made this reading session possible.

The reading was performed by Ms. Sasai and Mr. Omichi for 49 five-year-old children at the school, who listened attentively to the storytelling.

Many of the children listened attentively to a scene in which they were asked, "What kind of city do you want to live in when you grow up?" Many of the kindergartners raised their hands and answered, "A town where everyone is smiling" or "A peaceful town with blossoming cherry trees".

The children presented the students with a certificate of gratitude and a song as a thank-you for a fun-filled day, and asked them to come back again and that they grew to like the picture books even more.


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