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講演では本学 共通教育部の西尾亜希子教授と関西大学 文学部の井谷聡子准教授(オンライン参加)が登壇しました。西尾教授はLGBTQ+の概念や性的指向、現状などについてデータを用いて解説。時にはクイズ形式で参加者たちに問いかけ、「LGBTQ+への差別は人権侵害」「カミングアウトをされたら否定せず、周りの人に話さないことが大切」などと話しました。






The University's Health and Sport Science Society hosted a lecture on “The current status and challenges of LGBTQ+ in sport” to deepen understanding of LGBTQ+.


The University's Society of Health and Sports Sciences hosted the lecture “The Current Status and Challenges of LGBTQ+ in Sport” on February 20th at the Main Campus, which was attended by students, faculty and staff.


The Society of Health and Sports Sciences is a voluntary organization made up of about 30 first- to third-year students from the School of Health and Sports Sciences. Every year, the society produces a booklet for new students, entitled “Dynamism”, which introduces club activities and graduation research, and once a year it organizes and conducts a lecture on health and sports.


This year, students belonging to the Health and Sports Science Society chose the theme Sport and LGBTQ+. In response to the transgender athletes at the Tokyo Olympics becoming a subject of debate, the lecture was organized to make students from the Department of Health and Sports Sciences, many of whom aim to become teachers, and students from other faculties see LGBTQ+ as a familiar presence in their lives.


The speakers were Professor Akiko Nishio from the University's School of General Education and Associate Professor Satoko Itani from Kansai University's School of Letters (online participation). Professor Nishio used data to explain the concept of LGBTQ+, sexual orientation and the state of the field. She questioned the participants, sometimes in the form of quizzes, and told them that discrimination against LGBTQ+ people is a violation of human rights, and that it is important not to deny coming out and not to talk about it to others.


Associate Professor Itani, who researches sexuality and gender in sport, explained what the present situation and challenges are for LGBTQ+ in the field of sport, which was originally created for men. Citing examples such as changing rooms, uniforms and eligibility for participation, she pointed out that there are concerns that the current sports world is infringing on the human rights of LGBTQ+ people, and that it is necessary to build a new sports culture through the creation of gender-neutral sports.


In response to a question from a student participant on how one should interact with others when in a leadership position, Professor Nishio replied that it is important to listen to what others want to talk about, and when asked for advice, to be flat and express one's own ideas, while Associate Professor Itani added that it is necessary to gain knowledge on LGBTQ+ issues, but the most important thing is to be open to the opinions of the parties involved. Associate Professor Itani commented that it is necessary to gain knowledge about LGBTQ+, but the most important thing is to respect the opinions of the people concerned.


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