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MUKOnnect, a volunteer group from the Department of Social Welfare, will be the subject of MUKOnnect TV #20, which will be broadcast on 4th of April.

The March 4th broadcast of Mukojo TV #20 from Mukogawa Women's University will focus on MUKOnnect, a volunteer group led by students from the Department of Social Welfare at the School of Psychology and Social Welfare. The series follows the activities of students who support a diverse range of people, including the elderly, people with disabilities, children and people with foreign roots.

Our guide is Yuka Shimizu, a third-year student at the Department of Psychology and Social Welfare (now the Department of Social Welfare). While working at a children's cafeteria to create a place for children, she says, "I gradually realized that it had become a place like home for me".

The Department of Social Welfare at Mukogawa Women's University is known for its high pass rate in the national examinations for social workers and mental health workers. As a department that caters to people, the faculty and students are close, and the heart-warming warmth with liveliness is apparent.

The program, which started in April 2022, has now been broadcast more than 20 times and the opening title call will be changed from "Mukojo TV" to "Mukojo TV of Mukogawa Women's University".

Mukojo TV #20 will be broadcast on Monday 4th of March from around 5:30pm on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation TV.


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