教育学科の国際教育コースの学生たちが ベトナム・ホーチミンでフィールドワーク研修を行いました。


English below. 




現地に到着後、学生たちは小学校(Le Duc Tho Elementary School)でフィールドワークを実施。また、ホーチミン師範大学の学生やホーチミン市日本人学校の生徒らと交流し、意見交換を行いました。






Third-year students of the Department of Education, International Education Course undertook fieldwork training in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, from 25th of February to 3rd of March.

International education fieldwork is a pillar of learning in the International Education Course, and the International Education Fieldwork IV provides a program to experience education overseas.

After arriving in the country, students carried out fieldwork at a primary school (Le Duc Tho Elementary School). They also interacted and exchanged ideas with students from Ho Chi Minh City University of Education and the Japanese School of Ho Chi Minh City.

 Students commented: 'I was overwhelmed by the high level of teaching offered in Vietnam, as I saw that they are more advanced in the field of education in comparison to Japan', 'I felt that the students are aware that they want to work abroad and that they want to make their country a better one, and that their education is in line with their ideas', and 'The fieldwork gave me the opportunity to learn and gain new perspectives at the same time'.


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