吉富志津代教授が監修した「ソーシャルビジネスで拓く多文化社会 多言語センターFACIL・24年の挑戦」が出版されました。


English below. 


社会福祉学科の吉富志津代教授が監修した「ソーシャルビジネスで拓く多文化社会 多言語センターFACIL・24年の挑戦」が出版されました。「日本で暮らす多様な国の人たちが生きやすい社会を実現するため、活動を多くの人に知ってほしい」と語る吉富教授に聞きました。













Professor Shizuyo Yoshitomi of the School of Psychology and Social Welfare supervised the publication of 'Multicultural Society Developed through Social Business: The 24-year challenge of the Multilingual Center FACIL'. Professor Yoshitomi says that she wants more people to know about the activities of FACIL in order to build a society in which people from diverse countries living in Japan can live comfortably.

 FACIL is a non-profit organization that provides multilingual support for the diverse needs of foreigners, including translation and interpretation of information required by foreigners. It was set up in 1999 under the leadership of Professor Yoshitomi. Currently, 1,700 people are registered as translators and interpreters in 74 languages and work according to their needs.

After studying Spanish at university, Professor Yoshitomi worked at the Bolivian Consulate in Kobe. There, she received many requests for help from Brazilians and Peruvians who had come to Japan to work as migrant workers. The first of the most common problems is language. Foreigners isolated by language barriers, such as the rules of Japanese society and dealing with companies, came to Professor Yoshitomi for advice.

 “The language is a barrier even when submitting documents to the government. Foreigners who could not afford professional translators were at a loss," says Professor Yoshitomi. The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake brought to light a figure of foreigners living in Japan that was difficult to see in Japanese society at the time. Many foreigners were affected by the disaster and were left out of the information. Professor Yoshitomi recalls, "I was made aware once again that there were so many foreigners in the region. The first step was to establish a community FM station, FM Wai Wai, to deliver life-threatening information to each and every person in a variety of languages, including Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish and Tagalog. The Multicultural Centre FACIL was born by involving people from diverse countries connected there as interpreters/translators and 'supporters'.

 The book describes the history of FACIL from its establishment to the present day, overlaying it with the situation of Japanese society and the expansion of NPOs, and includes numerous columns and interviews with people who have supported its operations as administrators, translators, interpreters, coordinators and others.



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