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Mukogawa Women's University's first university-wide "Spring Open Campus" was held on March 23rd at the Main Campus, Hama-Koshien and Kami-Koshien Campuses, with approximately 1,440 high school students and parents in attendance.

In previous years, Mukogawa Women's University has held open campuses from June to September, but for the first time it was decided to hold them in March in order to provide new high school seniors with the latest information about the University as quickly as possible in order to provide assistance in choosing a career path. Department of History and Culture, which will open in April this year, and the School of Environment and Sustainability (currently being conceived), which is scheduled to open in April 2025, were also included, and the breadth of learning that only a university can offer was displayed at various locations around the campus.
Before giving an overview of the entrance examinations at the main venue, Professor Tetsutaro Koromi, who will take up a position in the Department of Environment and Sustainability in the School of Environment and Sustainability, gave an explanation of the new school, introducing the four-year learning process, starting with fieldwork in the first year, followed by group work and practical experience through collaborative projects with companies, and the step-by-step development of experimental and analytical skills. He also introduced the four-year learning process, which will gradually improve students' experimental and analytical skills.

 Each department held departmental programs and mock classes, and high school students listened intently to explanations at the consultation booths. Despite the rain, many people also took part in the campus tour, which took them around the main facilities on campus, and the queue of umbrellas around the campus continued.

 The next Open Campus is scheduled for Sunday June 23rd.


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