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女性研究リーダー育成推進センターが「女性研究者のためのリーダー育成研修(全4回)」を3月4日~15日に開催し、本学の全教職員、大学院生(修士課程・博士課程 男女共学)延べ251人がオンラインや対面で受講しました。


令和5年度「文部科学省科学技術人材育成費補助事業 ダイバーシティ研究環境実現イニシアティブ(女性リーダー育成型)」のプログラムの一環。ダイバーシティ研究環境実現イニシアティブ(女性リーダー育成型)は、研究環境のダイバーシティを高め、優れた研究成果を創出するため、女性研究者のワークライフバランスに配慮した研究環境の整備や復職支援、積極登用に向けた取組み等を支援するもので、武庫川女子大学は今年度、私立大学として唯一、選定されました。




The Institute for the Women's Career Advancement and Gender Equality Development  Leadership held "Leadership Development Training for Women Researchers" from March 4th to the 15th, with a total of 251 participants from all faculty, staff, and graduate students (master's and doctoral degree programs, coeducational) of the university taking the online and face-to-face courses.

The program was part of the FY2023 "MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Human Resource Development in Science and Technology: Initiative for Realization of a Diverse Research Environment (Female Leader Development Type)" program. The Initiative for Realization of a Diverse Research Environment (Female Leader Development Type) supports the development of a research environment that gives consideration to the work-life balance of female researchers, supports resuming work after maternity leave, and encourages proactive promotion, in order to increase diversity in the research environment and produce outstanding research results.

The theme of the first session, held on March 4, was "Assertive Communication.” Participants learned the basic concepts of assertive communication, how to listen, and how to communicate, with the aim of creating a comfortable working environment and facilitating work through their own communication. The second session (March 8) focused on "anti-harassment measures" and discussed communication that does not lead to harassment. In the third session (March 11), based on the contents of the first and second sessions, participants considered leadership from various perspectives, not only understanding the role and abilities of a leader, but also becoming aware of how to manage them by utilizing their own strengths and understanding the motivation behind leadership positions. The final session (March 15) was "Intercultural Understanding”. Participants considered how to perceive different cultures without being bound by stereotypes, understand their characteristics, and have a mindset of accepting diversity.

Each theme consisted of a lecture and group work. Participants incorporated what they understood in the lectures into their own experiences in each of the sessions, and learned from each other's experiences and ideas in the group work sessions. Participants commented, "It gave me a reason to change my way of thinking," "I want to start using it immediately starting tomorrow," and "Everyone's response to the same case was slightly different, and I thought this is what diversity is all about."


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