<日本語/English> 一口サイズで3種の味が楽しめる可愛いベーグルを経営学部の学生が開発。キッチンカーで販売し、人気を集めました


Bite-sized bagels on sale at a food truck made by students from the Faculty of Business Administration.


English below. 












As one of project based learning, students from the Faculty of Business Admissions came up with ideas for bread to be sold on campus.


The students thought of and co-produced bite-sized bagels with the help of a bakery, Vacance.  Ever since the pandemic struck, people on campus have been limited to where they can dine. Take out menus became wildly popular thus leading to the idea of selling their products outside, in a food truck.


The bite-sized bagels came in 3 flavors. One with lemon peels with cream cheese filling, another with pistachio nuts with orange compote and a chocolate one with chocolate chips. One of each flavors were put into a clear plastic cup, which made it easier for consumers to see what was inside.


The bagels have been available to purchase weekly from 13th of July and it welcomed its final day of opening on the 27th. A long queue of students and staff were seen on multiple occasions during lunch times.


The bite-sized bagels will be on a sale at the bakery Vacance, in Kobe.


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