Making of a pamphlet “Let’s learn dance at MWU!” by full-time dance teachers.


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Mukogawa Women’s University offer a multiple of teaching methods when it comes to the art of dance. The word “dance” is not listed as any of the selective courses obtainable, so the teachers of dance from the Faculty of Health and Sports Science made brochures to reach out to high school students who may be interested in dance. The brochures are to be handed out to high schools and dance schools which should provide them with deeper understanding of how dance is implemented at MWU.


The dance club of MWU was founded in 1956. 2021 will mark the 53rd time for the club to perform in their annual event that takes place every winter. They have proved themselves with their performances and competed in some of the prestigious competitions in the country. In 2015, the club traveled to the States where they performed in a show in New York.


There are members from the dance club that go on to become teachers, instructors, choreographers and trainers in the future. There are even graduates who perform worldwide as well as ones who studies and research it.


Despite the ongoing pandemic, dance club has continued with their training all whilst taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus. They have been practicing hard for the national championship that’s to start from August 11th.


Professor of MWU, Ms. Naoko Murakoshi, stated “We want people who are interested in dance and want a future in it to know that at Mukogawa Women’s University, we offer the opportunity to learn about dance professionally.”


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