<日本語/English> 武庫川女子大学は芦屋市と包括連携協定を締結しました。


 Signing of comprehensive cooperation agreement between Mukogawa Women’s University and Ashiya city.


English below. 





















The comprehensive cooperation agreement has been established with MWU and Ashiya city. The contract signing ceremony was performed on August 26th with the mayor of Ashiya city, Ms. Mai Ito and the head of MWU, Mr. Kazuyoshi Seguchi.


The binding of the two societies is set to enhance the social resources of each providers. It should also help in operating and exchanging of human resources in order to create and contribute to a sustainable development in the community.


The contents of the cooperation are as follows;

  1. Education / research / culture promotion
  2. Promotion of sports and fitness relations
  3. Promotion of health and well-being
  4. Youth development
  5. Disaster prevention correspondence
  6. Community and society relations
  7. Community development
  8. Discussion of matters deemed necessary


Mukogawa Women’s University necessitates in extracting themes related to education and research from the local communities. This allows for educational and research activities that link them to proposals for solutions and expansion in nurturing students that can excel and give back to local communities.  


Prior to the agreement, the dispatching of researchers to council members and public lectures have existed with Ashiya city. MWU have built a cooperative relationship through the operation of the Tanizaki Juniichiro Memorial Hall. Henceforth by concluding the comprehensive cooperation agreement, we were able to build a cooperative relationship, so in the future, both parties will be seeking to promote daily collaboration in various fields.


As a collaborative project that we will be working on in the future, a home-visit lessons called “Hyogo’s Future Science Girls cram school” will be proceeded. This ought to aid in enhancing the interest in the field of science for junior and senior high school students. The project is to take place at Ashiya City Seido Junior High School on November 10th.


At the time of the signing, Ms. Ito, the mayor of Ashiya city stated “I am very much looking forward to the cooperation in various fields including education, research, culture, community development, disaster prevention and more. From this day onwards, we would like to further strengthen the collaboration and may our future be filled with working harmoniously.”  The head of the university, Mr. Seguchi added “with Mukogawa Women’s University being a home to 10 faculties, 17 departments, 7 junior college departments, 7 graduate research departments, and about 10,000 students, we aim to promote women’s career development and learning. Universities can be a gold mine for information and acquiring knowledge. In order for Ashiya city to prosper even more, we, as a community will be needing to show our cooperation and support.”


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