<日本語/English> 関西大学との大学間連携を強化。 新型コロナウイルスPCR検査の実施協力、非常変災時の入試会場の相互利用へ。


 In cooperation with Kansai University in shared usage of facilities.


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Kansai University and Mukogawa Women’s University has paired up and signed a memorandum of understanding for mutual use of venues both for PCR testing and in event of emergencies for entrance examinations facilities.  


In November 2018, a comprehensive cooperation agreement was signed between Mukogawa Women’s University and Kansai University aimed to strengthen cooperation in a wide range of fields. These included cooperation in education, academic research, regional partnership, exchange in the field of sports and such. Based on this agreement, the memorandum has been appended in order to strengthen matters regarding the shared usage of entrance exam venues and PCR testing center.   


【Regards to cooperation of Covid-19 PCR testing 】

Mukogawa Women’s University established and operated a PCR center in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in November 2020 in order to eliminate the anxiety of students, faculties and staff regarding the spread of the Covid-19 virus and to build a safe and secure educational environment in line with the new lifestyle.


【Regards to cooperation on entrance exam measures in the event of emergency disaster】

In the event of an emergency disaster (natural disasters such as earthquakes, storms, floods and spread of infectious diseases), if there is a difficulty to the performance of entrance examination at one’s facility, it is possible to use ones of other university. The purpose is to ensure that the entrance examination is carried out.


【Comments from the chairmen of both universities in concluding this memorandum】

Kansai University: Yutaka Maeda

The objective of inter-university collaboration is to expect initiatives that enables full use of the facilities each university has to offer. I am also grateful for the cooperation in implementing the PCR testing unit. Regarding the mutual use of entrance examination venues in the event of an emergency disaster, we would like to establish a solid system in place with other universities, including Mukogawa Women’s University, so that examinees can take the examinations at ease.


Mukogawa Women’s University: Kazuyoshi Seguchi

We can both benefit from the memorandum of understanding for mutual use of entrance examination venues between our university and Kanai University in the event of a disaster and the use of the PCR center. It works for both universities and for the safety of the students. Kansai University and our university will continue to meet the needs of society and students by making the most of our respective strengths.


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