<日本語/English> 文学部 英語文化学科の清水利宏教授が、「Global Speakers Seminar – TOYAMA」を開催しました。


“Global Speakers Seminar – TOYAMA” was held by Mr. Toshihiro Shimizu – a professor from Faculty of English Communication and Culture.


English below.  


文学部 英語文化学科の英語スピーチ・プレゼンテーション研究室(清水利宏教授・学科長)が9月18日、富山県立富山南高等学校の共催により、「Global Speakers Seminar - TOYAMA」をオンラインで開催しました。都道府県単位で開催される同セミナーは、高校生を対象とした第1部「英語スピーチセミナー」(公開授業90分)と、高校英語教員を対象とした第2部「英語スピーチ指導セミナー」(90分)で構成され、今回は富山県内の高校生および教員約70名が参加しました。同セミナーは、本学の「教育改善・改革プラン」のひとつとして2020年度にスタート。全国の各都道府県で実施する講演会に清水教授がボランティアで出講し、本格的なスピーチ活動を支援する高大連携・社会貢献事業です。




講師を務めた清水教授は、「スピーチに興味を持ってもらうには、その面白さや楽しさに気付いてもらうことが大切です。今回のセミナーが、富山県の高校生や先生方にとって新たな刺激になれば嬉しいです」と話しています。同セミナーに関する詳細や開催のお問い合わせは、Global Speakers Seminarの公式サイトをご覧ください。第2回(富山県)の案内リーフレットはこちらからダウンロードできます。



English Speech & Presentation Lab run by Professor Shimizu, with the help from Toyama Minami High school welcomed a “Global Speakers Seminar – TOYAMA” online. The event was held on September 18th in Toyama prefecture for high school students and teachers of English language


The seminar consisted of two parts. In the first session (90 minutes) “English speech seminar” for students, followed by “English speech guidance seminar” for teachers. Around 70 students and teachers within Toyama prefecture joined in.


Both seminars are one of “Education development / reform plan” projects of Mukogawa Women’s University that begun in 2020. Professor Shimizu voluntarily attends lectures held in each prefecture in Japan. The project can be seen as a collaboration between high schools and universities that is also a social contribution to large scale speech giving activities.


Ms. Yoko Igarashi of Toyama Minami High school who co-hosted the seminars shared “incorporating speech giving into learning activities can be a daunting exercise but it can also be rewarding too. Professor Shimizu clearly identified the guidelines for future guidance through detailed explanations on how to give speeches at the seminars. Even though it had to be held online due to current circumstances, I was impressed at the enthusiasm that he conveyed through the screen.”


Professor Shimzu added, “in order for people to take interest in giving speeches, it’s vital to make them aware of how fun and enjoyable it could be.  I hope that through this seminar, teachers and students of Toyama were stimulated and found it interesting.” Click Global Speakers Seminar official page for more.


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