Commemorating the 40th Founder’s Day.

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In the morning of October 6, a momentous gathering was held at Mukogawa Women’s University to pay respect to the late founder, Mr. Kiichiro Koe.


Mr. Koe passed away on September 6, yet the memorial service took place a month later. Every year, on October 6th, we celebrate Founder’s Day – the day we said our farewell to the founder and former professor, Kiichiro Koe. It’s a custom as well as tradition to listen to the recorded video of the professor on this day.


The commemoration took place on the ground floor of KM building at the Founder’s Memorial Room on the main campus of the university. Chancellor Mr. Okawara, stated “Professor Koe founded Mukogawa Women’s University at the age of 42 and continued his work for 42 years. This year saw 40th year of the Founder’s Day. The 40 years mark a remarkable honor and we’ve seen huge progress of women’s education and development since then.” He continued “we must carry on the legacy whilst considering reforming our educational system. Mr. Koe was inspired by the public school system ever since his visit to universities in the U.K. Professor Koe’s strong desires for women to have an active part in society and cultivate women’s roles continues to live on.”


Customarily, each year, the chancellor, the head of the university, faculty members, and student representatives all pay a visit to the grave, but in consideration of preventing the infection of Covid-19, it was conducted in a smaller scale.


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