Tokyo 2020 Olympian Aiko Sugihara received a sports commendation from the city of Higashi Osaka.


English below. 


東京オリンピック体操女子団体5位に入賞した体操部の杉原愛子さん(短期大学部 健康・スポーツ学科2年)が8日、居住する東大阪市からスポーツ表彰を受けました。






Aiko Sugihara who placed 5th at the Tokyo 2020 in her sport of gymnastics, received a commendation from the city she lives in, Higashi Osaka.


Ms. Sugihara was welcomed by the mayor Yoshikazu Noda along with 3 other deputy mayors at the city hall, accompanied by her mother, Chisato. 2 months on from her performance at the Games, she commented “It took me a while to get there (to the Games) but once it begun it all happened in a blink of an eye. I did all that I could and I’m forever grateful to all those who supported and cheered for me throughout.”


Answering questions fired at her with grace, and when asked who is best at lifting the team’s spirit she quickly responded with “I am”. When asked about future prospects she quotes, “I’m pleased to have accomplished a big goal of mine, so right now I’d like to concentrate of resting my body and mind and continue enjoying the sport I love. Also, I have to study hard so that I’m able to graduate junior college in one piece.”



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