Resurrection of Fashion Show at Mukogawa Women’s University Culture Festival.


English below. 




開会式は講堂舞台で対面で行うとともに、ライブで配信。まず、瀬口和義学長がビデオで登場し、「いろいろな制約の中、文化祭が開催できることを皆さんとともに喜びたい。オンラインやライブ配信、対面を組み合わせた“New文化祭”が、Withコロナの時代の良い先例となることを期待しています」と学生たちを激励しました。事前収録した書道部、バトン・チアリーディング部の軽快なパフォーマンスに続き、文化祭実行委員会の大島千夏委員長が「スローガン『Challenge Everything』の言葉通り、様々なことに挑戦する文化祭です。みなさんに楽しかった、よかった、と思ってもらえたらうれしい」とあいさつしました。




10日は午前中に公江記念講堂で吹奏楽部、ダンス部の発表、丹田ゼミの13年間の集大成となる「MDFPT 2021 - Border-」デジタルファッションショーが行われました。午後からはオンラインでメイクアップ講座、続いてステージではお笑いライブが行われました。


文化祭の詳細レポートは Muko Logへ(学生広報スタッフ La chouette*)


It had been a much anticipated 2 years since the Fashion Show was seen since it had to be called off last year due to the pandemic. The Koe Memorial Hall acted as the main arena where announcements and performances were held live as well on aired online.


The festival was off to a strong start with the headmaster, Mr. Seguchi’s prerecorded message being broadcasted on screen for both at the hall and live streaming. He said “Despite various restrictions in place, I’m so happy to see that the Culture Festival was able to be held this year. The combination of online live streaming and face – to – face arrangement is very suited for the current environment as we call it - the New Culture Festival.”


Excellent prerecorded performances from the calligraphy club, baton/cheerleading club were shown to the viewers. The slogan for this year’s festival was – Challenge Everything, amd that they did. The head of Culture Festival Committee, Ms. Chinatsu Oshima commented “I hope that the viewers and everyone involved were able to enjoy themselves.”


Live recitals from the drama club and aerobic dance clubs were shown on the 9th, with the number of viewers reaching up to 1000. In the afternoon, the crowd-puller – Fashion Show did not disappoint. The audience cheered on and clapped in awe as students reenacted as models walked on the runway.

In the morning of the 10th, the orchestra club and the dance club along with a digital fashion display by MDFPT 2021 – Border. The afternoon saw make up tutorial session followed by a live comedy show.


For further information go to Muko Log where student PR staff have written reports.


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