<日本語/English>武庫川女子大学附属図書館が AI顔認証入退管理システムを導入しました


Introducing AI face recognition entry/exit management system at Mukogawa Women’s University library.


English below. 






SAFRReal Networks社が開発した顔認証ソフトウェアで、機械学習によってマスクをした状態でも認証が可能です。図書館ではこのデータから利用状況を分析し、より高度な学習環境の構築や生涯教育の施策の実現を目指します。SDGsの目標の一つである「質の高い教育をみんなに」にもつながるこの取り組みを通し、武庫川女子大学では、地域社会へのさらなる貢献に取り組んでいきます。


In order to strengthen risk management including measures against novel coronavirus, the library at the main campus has introduced AI system “SAFR” from NTT Docomo.


The library at Mukogawa Women’s University is a facility not just for the use of students but for faculty members as well as graduate students. The library is also open for public use with junior and senior high school students living and attending school in Nishinomiya city free to visit. In the past, they were given a shared access card to use to enter and leave the library, but doing so meant that it was difficult to keep track of the length of their stay at the library.


Concerns over the spread of the infection of novel coronavirus, we are trying to minimize the spread by disinfecting books and securing social distance. Libraries being a facility utilized by an unspecified number of people, it had been an ongoing challenge to get a better grasp of the coming and goings of the visitors. With the launch of the face recognition system, it is installed with the ability to instantly scan and locate the status of anyone in the facility in the event of an emergency such as an earthquake or fire.


SAFR is a face recognition software developed by Real Networks, which enables authentication even with the mask on. From the data retained from the SAFR, the library then analyzes and aims to build a more advanced learning environment and recognize lifelong education measures. At Mukogawa Women’s University, we thrive to achieve one of the goals of the SDGS, “Providing quality education for all”, and through this initiative, we will continue to make further contributions to the local community.


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