<日本語/English> 本学 卒業生で元女子バレーボール日本代表の坂下麻衣子さんが、バレーボール部強化コーチに就任しました。


Maiko Sakashita, a former representative of Japan women’s volleyball team and a graduate of MWU has been appointed as a club coach for the volleyball club.


English below. 


本学のバレーボール部出身で、元女子バレーボール日本代表の坂下麻衣子さん(文学部健康・スポーツ科学科 2007年3月卒)が、2022年度からバレーボール部の強化コーチに就任しました。






Ms. Maiko Sakashita who graduated from the Department of Health and Sports Sciences has been appointed as the coach for MWU’s volleyball coach from this academic year onwards. While attending the university as a student herself, she too belonged to the volleyball club, back in early 2000’s.


As a left attacker, she played for the Kansai University Women’s 1st Division and has gone to win consecutively for the third time in a row securing her and her team in the Top 8 at All Japan competition. Upon graduating, she joined the V- League team “JT marvelous” and won the 2007 New Player Award.


In 2009, she was elected to the national volleyball team that saw her play an active part and was given a name of “Shin” that symbolized her fighting spirit on the court. Once retiring as a player in 2016, she began her journey in management of a team in Ishikawa Prefecture called the “PFU Blue cats”.


Ms. Sakashita comments on the idea of becoming a coach for the club at her alma mater “I wanted to form a team that is like none other and give back to the university that helped to shape who I am today.”


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