Rooting for Women’s Koshien again this year.


English below. 


全国高校女子硬式野球選手権大会の決勝戦が今年も阪神甲子園球場で行われます。武庫川女子大学は女性活躍を推進する女子総合大学として、史上初の「女子の甲子園」が実現した昨年に引き続き「女子の甲子園」を応援することを決め、大会パートナーに参加しています。史上最多の49校が参加する今大会が7月22日に丹波市で開幕するのを前に7月19日、新聞の女子野球特集面で「なりたいわたしに 天井なんか、ない」という応援メッセージを発信しました。













As an advocate of women’s advancement in society, Mukogawa Women’s University promotes and supports historic events such as promotion of women in sport.


The baseball championship for high schools nationwide is held at Koshien stadium each summer. Last year welcomed female baseball players on its ground for the first time in history. Following from last year, the final match of a competition will be hosted again at Koshien stadium.


With the theme of clear blue sky in the back that depicts the image from last year’s advertising poster. The image is considered to send out a message of successs and glory of women. The model for the project is Ms. Chihiro Mori, a second year student from the Department of Informatics and Mediology.


August 23rd 2021 marked the first time in history for women’s baseball to be played at Koshien stadium. It hosted the final of the National High School Women’s Baseball Championship. There were more than 40 high schools competing in the tournament.


To promote a message emphasizing the image of high school women’s baseball, the model wore a school uniform, and wore a baseball glove. The photographers emphasized on having the blue sky as a background and used boxes for the model to stand on to get the right height for the picture. The model earnestly continued to smile for the camera whilst bathing in the morning sun.


The message from the newspaper promotion goes like this;

I gave up - because I’m a girl.

People were surprised - because I’m a girl.

This summer is like no other as it enabled us to prove that we can do anything

- because we are girls.


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