Students setting up a fixed food stand at a campsite.


English below. 












Members of the Architecture Club BAU, which is mainly composed of 3rd and 4th year students Human Environmental Sciences Major, created a hut to be stationed at a campsite in Nishinomiya city.


The hut that will house vegetables which have been harvested from a local farm. It was produced using bamboo poles of 2.5 meters and about 20 bamboo brooms.  No nails nor bolts were used, and they were tightened with palm ropes and hemp strings. Since it is made entirely of wood, it can be easily dismantled when no longer needed and can also be adapted into fuel for camping.


Ms. Ikeda, whose design proposal was implemented commented, “As it was my very first time to make a design that was not a prototype, there were things I hadn’t taken into account, and learned the reality of actually making things come alive. Making this piece required team work and lots of discussions throughout the process, and as a result we were able to create something that was miles better than we had originally envisioned. I’m grateful for the experience gained through this project.” 


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