Fourth year students of Innovative Food Sciences major participated in a poster presentation at the 95th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society.


English below. 



参加したのは、食創造科学科分子栄養学研究室でABI社との共同研究として生鮮食品の鮮度を保つための新規冷凍技術(CAS:Cells Alive System)の研究に取り組んでいる学生たちです。同研究室では今年度、卒業論文の課題として、4年生が再生医学領域で求められている細胞・組織の凍結保存レベルの研究に取り組んでいます。これまで学会参加には参加費用がかかったため、学生が参加しにくい状況がありましたが、今年度から日本生化学会の学生会費が無料となったのを機に、研究成果を4年生がポスター発表することになりました。細胞の凍結保存法の改善については大西葵穂さん・久保千夏さん、組織の凍結保存法の検討については中江華希さん・中條佳那さん・西村絢菜さんが発表しました。






The students who participated in the event were from the Molecular Nutrition Laboratory of the Department of Innovative Food Sciences, who are working on a new freezing technology (CAS: Cells Alive System) to preserve the freshness of food as a joint research project with ABI. Until now, it has been difficult for students to participate in academic conferences due to the cost of attending, but this year, the student membership fee of the Biochemical Society of Japan has been waived, and fourth-year students were able to present their research results in a poster presentation.


Ms. Kiho Onishi and Ms. Chinatsu Kubo presented on the improvement of cell cryopreservation method, and Ms. Haruki Nakae, Ms. Kana Choujou, and Ms. Junna Nishimura presented on the examination of tissue cryopreservation method. Kentaro Yomogida, professor of the Department of Innovative Food Sciences, said, "It may have been difficult for the undergraduate students, but they explained their research to many participants and answered their questions so well that they were mistaken for graduate students.”


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