Takahashi seminar students in the Department of Business Administration win first place for their final plan in a national inter-seminar product planning contest.


English below. 


全国ゼミ対抗商品企画コンテスト「Sカレ(Student Innovation College)」に参加していた経営学部経営学科高橋ゼミの「パープルアスターズチーム」(4人)が2022年12月10日、関西大学で開催された冬カン(最終プランを競い合うプレゼン)に挑み、同じテーマで取り組んだ21ゼミのトップに立って優勝しました。




The "Purple Asters Team" (members of 4) of the Takahashi Seminar, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration, which was participating in the national seminar product planning contest "S-College (Student Innovation College)," took on the Winter Can (a presentation to compete for the final plan) held at Kansai University on December 10, 2022, and came out on top of 21 other competing seminars.


S-College is a contest in which seminars from universities across the country participate and select one of the product planning themes presented by companies to commercialize. 36 seminars from 31 universities across the country participated in 2022, and 8 themes were presented by companies. The students have been improving their product plans by publishing them on Facebook.


The Purple Asters team chose the theme "Flowers✕ Candy for SDGs" presented by Kasugai Confectionery Co. For the "Winter Can," the team proposed a renewal of "Hana no Kuchizuke" under the concept of "love" and a giant gacha promotion with the keyword "Loss Flower. The 21 seminars that chose the same theme competed with each other to come up with the best plan, and the best team won. The winning team will have the right to make their proposal come true.



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