<日本語/English> 西宮北口キャンパスの愛称は「KiTa-E」に決定。


Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Campus is nicknamed "KiTa-E.”


English below. 


学生や教職員に呼びかけていた西宮北口キャンパスの愛称が「KiTa-E」 に決定し、17日、発案した薬学科6年の井上恵莉さんに瀬口和義学長から賞品が手渡されました。





The nickname for Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi Campus, which had been open for students and faculty members to apply for, was decided to be "KiTa-E." On the 17th, President Kazuyoshi Seguchi handed the prize to Eri Inoue, a sixth-year student in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, who came up with the idea.


The nickname contest was open to students, faculty, and staff for about a month from December 7, 2022 and 105 names were submitted. Ms. Inoue's proposal, "KiTa-E" was unanimously selected by the campus judges because it is a combination of "north" of "northwest" and "expectation" or "want to go," has a good sense of the word, and can be read in various ways.


Mr. Inoue said, "I applied for the nickname because I hope that the nickname I came up with will remain after graduation. I hope that my alma mater will shine brightly, and I also hope that the campus will become a place that people want to go to," she said.


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