<日本語/English> 日本語日本文学科・設樂ゼミが明石市立図書館で書き初めワークショップを行いました。








ワークショップ後、学生たちは、あかし市民図書館の企画・広報担当の司書から市民活動や、DAISY・拡大鏡などのユニバーサル・サービスについてレクチャーを受けました。あかし市民図書館は、「Library of the Year 2021」で優秀賞・オーディエンス賞をダブル受賞した、いま注目の図書館です。今後、図書館が力を入れていく取り組みについて、司書課程履修の学生が熱心に質問していました。


A workshop at the Akashi City Library to celebrate the first calligraphy of the year by the Shitara Seminar of the Department of Japanese Language and Literature.


On January 28, Kaoru Shitara's seminar in the Department of Japanese Language and Literature held the first calligraphy workshop Let's Learn 'Tako' in Kanji! The workshop was held at the Akashi City Library.


Shitara seminar is participating in the "Ameika-chan" project developed by Kotoba-no-mikata Co. Ten elementary school and kindergarten students participated in the workshop on the 28th. They learned about homonyms of "tako" in Akashi, which is famous for octopus, a marine product, as well as kanji, national characters, and history related to "tako," and enjoyed writing not only kanji but also calligraphy with pictures of octopuses and takoyaki.


After the workshop, students received a lecture from the librarian in charge of planning and public relations at the Akashi City Library on civic activities and universal services such as DAISY and magnifying glasses. The Akashi City Library is now the focus of attention, having won both the Excellence Award and the Audience Award in the "Library of the Year 2021" competition. Students enrolled in the librarian course eagerly asked questions about the initiatives the library will focus on in the future.


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