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第2部では高橋学部長がファシリテーターを務め、パネルディスカッションを行いました。卒業生の伊藤真緒氏(独立行政法人 大阪府立病院機構 大阪母子医療センター)と、同じく卒業生の浅間桃子氏(日の出ホールディングス株式会社 アドコミュニケーション部)、基調講演した講師の二人をパネリストに迎えて「人生100年をきり拓く食と栄養の未来」をテーマに熱のこもった議論を展開。会場からも活発に意見が寄せられ、「食と栄養の未来に学部として何を果たすべきか」という問いへの答えとこれからの課題が見つかるシンポジウムとなりました。


After a three-year postponement due to the pandemic, a symposium was held to commemorate the opening of the School of Food Sciences and Nutrition.


A symposium to commemorate the opening of the School of Food Sciences and Nutrition, which had been postponed for three years due to the Corona disaster, was held on February 9 at the Media Hall on the Central Campus and saw about 90 people attend.


The Department of Food Sciences and Nutrition will focus on training dietitians, while the Department of Food Creation Science will expand the possibilities of food and business, and both departments will promote learning that clearly highlights the characteristics of each. The commemorative event was postponed to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, but now that "with Corona" has finally taken root, we have decided to hold the event both in person and online.


The theme is "The Future of Food and Nutrition for the Next 100 Years of Life." President Kazuyoshi Seguchi gave an opening address, followed by an explanation of the background of the establishment of the faculty by Dean Kyoko Takahashi. The two chairs of the Department of Food and Nutrition, Dr. Koichi Hayashi and Dr. Hisaki Matsuura, introduced the features of their respective departments.


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