<日本語/English> 英語文化学科1年生対象のアメリカ分校留学 春学期がスタートしました。


English below.



全員が到着した後、2月12日に現地でオリエンテーションを実施し、中原朗裕副学長や教務部長から話を聞きました。アメリカ分校留学 春学期のスタートです。



The beginning of spring semester for first-year students of the Department of English to study at MUSC. .


A group of 126 first-year students from the Department of English departed from Osaka International Airport to Spokane, Washington, on February 8th to 10th, and made it to the extended Mukogawa Women’s University campus in the U.S.


Upon arrival, an on-site orientation was held on February 12th, where they heard from Vice President Akihiro Nakahara and the Dean of Academic Affairs. This is the start of the spring semester of study abroad at the U.S. branch.


The students will stay at the U.S. branch school for three months until May 24. They will not only study in class, but also interact with each other on and off campus and experience daily life, thereby improving their English language skills, experiencing American culture firsthand, and deepening their cross-cultural understanding.


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