<日本語/English> 令和4年度 卒業記念植樹が行われました


English below. 


令和4年度の卒業式を前に、3月13日、中央キャンパス第1体育館前で、令和4年度 卒業記念植樹が行われました。
記念樹として植えられたソメイヨシノに、瀬口和義学長、山崎彰副学長、德重あつ子学生部長と元総務委員会委員長  中嶋真唯 さん(情報メディア学科4年)、元総務委員会厚生委員長 鎌田弥咲さん(英語文化学科4年)、元会計 岸川瑞歩さん(健康・スポーツ学科2年)が、土をかけその成長を祈りました。続いて卒業記念品の贈呈式が公江記念館1階で行われ、 中嶋元総務委員長から デジタルサイネージ一式の目録が、瀬口学長に手渡されました。


  10:00~ 文学部(教育学科除く)、音楽学部
  14:00~ 生活環境学部、看護学部
  10:00~ 短期大学部全学科
  14:00~   大学院・専攻科
  10:00~ 教育学部(文学部 教育学科含む)、健康・スポーツ科学部、薬学部
(大学・短大)中央キャンパス 公江記念講堂
(大学院・専攻科)中央キャンパス 日下記念マルチメディア館 メディアホール


Tree planting to commemorate 2022 graduates.


On March 13, before the graduation ceremony for the 2022 academic year, a tree planting ceremony was held in front of the 1st Gymnasium on the Main Campus to commemorate the graduating class of 2022.


President Kazuyoshi Seguchi, Vice President Akira Yamazaki, Dean of Students Atsuko Tokushige, former General Affairs Committee Chair Mai Nakajima (senior, Department of Information Media), former General Affairs Committee Chair Misaki Kamada (senior, Department of English Language and Culture), and former Treasurer Mizuho Kishikawa (sophomore, Department of Health and Sports) covered the Someiyoshino trees planted as a memorial tree with soil and prayed for its growth.  The ceremony was followed by a presentation of graduation gifts on the first floor of the Koe Memorial Hall, where former General Affairs Committee Chair Nakajima handed a set of digital signage to President Seguchi.


The diploma and degree conferment ceremony for the 2022 academic year will be held as follows. This year, we plan to invite all graduates and their families to attend the ceremony.

We hope that many family members will attend the ceremony and join us in the celebration.


Date & Time 

 Saturday, March 18, 2023

  10:00 ~ Faculty of Letters (except Education), Faculty of Music

  14:00 ~ Faculty of Life and Environment, Faculty of Nursing

 Sunday, March 19, 2023

  10:00~ All Departments of Junior College

  14:00~ Graduate Schools and Majors

 Monday, March 20, 2023

  10:00~ Faculty of Education (including Department of Education, Faculty of Letters), Faculty of Health and Sports Sciences, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences



(Universities and Junior Colleges) Koe Memorial Auditorium, Main Campus

(Graduate Schools and Majors) Media Hall, Kusaka Memorial Multimedia Building, Main Campus


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