<日本語/English>「令和4年度後期 授業改善奨励制度」。より良い授業となるよう工夫と実践に取り組んだ教員に、表彰状が贈られました。


English below. 








教育学科 神原一之 

「算数科内容論」(大学 教育学科1年)


食物栄養学科 脇本景子 

「食事調査法演習(写真撮影法担当)」(大学 食物栄養学科1年)


生活環境学科 末弘由佳理 

「ドラフティングCAD実習Ⅱ」(大学 生活環境学科2年)





A certificate of commendation given to teachers that practiced class improvement.


On March 24, President Kazuyoshi Seguchi presented certificates of commendation to faculty members for their efforts in devising and practicing ways to make their classes even better.


The purpose of this system is to provide visibility regarding the hidden areas of educational activities of teachers who are devising and practicing better teaching methods that lead to improved teaching in their daily educational activities, and to identify and encourage their contribution to the improvement of teaching.


The faculty members who received awards are listed below. [Department, name (honorific title omitted), course title, and academic year in which the course was offered, in that order].


Kazuyuki Kambara, Department of Education 

"Theory of the Content of Arithmetic Subjects" (1 year in the Department of Education)


Keiko Wakimoto, Department of Food Sciences and Nutrition 

"Exercise of Dietary Survey Methods" (1 years in the Department of Food and Nutrition)


Yukari Suehiro, Department of Human Environmental Sciences

"Drafting CAD Practice II"(2nd years in the Department of Human Environmental Sciences)


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