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Mukogawa Women's University, Work Academy, and Resona Bank have signed a “tripartite agreement" for a recurrent education career support program focusing on IT and DX.


In conjunction with the launch of MUKOnoa+, a recurrent education program at Mukogawa Women's University's Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Campus in April, Mukogawa Gakuin, the governing body of Mukogawa Women's University, Work Academy Inc. and Resona Bank have signed an agreement for collaborative cooperation in career support programs associated with recurrent education mainly in the IT and Digital Transformation (DX) domains.


In April, Mukogawa Women's University will launch a recurrent education program, MUKOnoa+, based at the Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Campus. The core of the recurrent education is to develop a wide range of DX talents for all businesspersons and support them to advance in their respective careers.


The Tripartite Agreement was signed by Mukogawa Women's University, Work Academy (a partner in recurrent education), and Resona Bank, with the aim of contributing to the career development of working adults and the supply of professionals to the region through the career support business associated with recurrent education.


Under the agreement, Work Academy will serve as Mukogawa Women's University's recurrent education partner, providing career support such as re-employment and job placement referrals in growth fields centered on IT and DX, while Resona Bank will introduce business partners who wish to receive recurrent education and professional personnel.


Through the collaboration of the three parties, members of society will be able to learn necessary skills and build on their careers, and a stable supply of human resources to the region will be made possible.


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