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Mukogawa Women's University's Sports Festival will be held on May 13 and 14 for the first time in four years with no restrictions. The famous event of the sports festival, "Cheering Competition," has been succeeded only by the Faculty of Food Nutritional and Sciences (Shokuei/Shokuso Cheering Team) except for the year 2020 when it was canceled, but this year, the joint team of the Department of Health and Sports Science and the Department of Health and Sports of the Junior College (Shinken/Tanken Cheering Team) will participate, and the "battle" by multiple teams will be revived. Both teams have been practicing in between classes and after school, refining their performances to be in sync with each other.


The Shokuei/Shokuso Cheering Squad is a team that held off the sports teams and won the championship for four consecutive years until 2019. They are the only team in the era of the pandemic to continue the tradition, with comical moves and quick moves that other teams did not have. This year, with the restrictions removed, the team has about 50 first-year students who perform and 12 second-year students who will act as instructors, and they have been practicing since mid-April.


On the other hand, the Shin-Ken and Tanken cheering squads have been empty for three years, with no one having experience in the cheering squad. The team members had a hard time gathering and were late to the party, but in late April, a mixed team of first through third-year students was formed, and the leader of the team himself joined the performance to catch up.


Hana Maeda, a second-year student in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, who is the leader of the Shokuei/Shokuso Cheering Group, said, "We are still a work in progress, but we will do our best to deliver a performance worthy of the return of the competition after a four-year absence." Rieru Yonekura, a junior in the Department of Health and Sports Science and leader of the Shinken/Tanken Cheering Squad, said, "We want to create something new, using videos of our seniors' performances as a reference and arranging traditions in a modern way. We have a short period of time, but we will make sure to get it right."We have a short period of time, but we will make sure to get it right.


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