<日本語/English>留学生と交流ができる「Tea Tasting Event」が開催中です。


English below. 


本学への留学生が参加し、各国のお茶の飲み比べができるイベント「Tea Tasting Event」が5月15日、中央キャンパスで行われました。このイベントでは、イギリスのイングリッシュティーと台湾のジャスミンティーを飲み比べしました。学生だけでなく教職員を含め20人以上が参加し、お茶を楽しみながら留学生7人と交流しました。


「Tea Tasting Event」は国際センターと留学生の学習面や生活面をサポートするClub IEOが企画し、お互いにアイデア出しやイベントの周知などを行い、準備を重ねてきました。イベントは5月22日にも開催されます。


Club IEOに所属し、日本語パートナーを務める文学部 英語文化学科4年の森澤明日香さんは「自分が担当しない他の留学生と交流できる良い機会だった。また、留学生も普段交流できない学生たちと関わることによって、武庫女生の温かさを知ってもらえていたらとても嬉しい」と思いを語りました。




Tea Tasting Event where you can interact with international students is now being held.


A "Tea Tasting Event" was held on May 15 at the Main Campus, where international students at MWU were the hosts and offered  a tasting session where attendees were able to compare teas from different countries.


At this event, participants compared English tea from England and jasmine tea from Taiwan.


More than 20 students, faculty, and staff participated in the event, enjoying the tea and interacting with seven international students.


 The "Tea Tasting Event" was planned by the International Center and Club IEO, which supports international students in their studies and daily lives.


 Asuka Morisawa, a fourth-year student in the Department of English Language and Culture, Faculty of Letters, who belongs to Club IEO and serves as a Japanese language partner, said, "It was a good opportunity for me to interact with other international students whom I am not in charge of.  It would make me really happy if the international students could experience how warm and welcoming the students of MWU students are through casual interactions, and particularly with those who they would not normally have the opportunity to interact with."


International student Huang Pin-Xi commented, "I was very nervous, but I enjoyed the opportunity to deepen exchanges with students and faculty members with whom I would not normally have the chance to interact. I was very happy that some of them spoke to me in my native language."


The event will be held one more time on May 22nd.


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