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Mukogawa Women's University announced its declaration for the Promotion of Gender Equality in 2013, and over the years has actively supported its faculty and staff in balancing work and raising of family, enhancing various support systems, reviewing systems, and improving the environment, and has recently received its first "Kurumin" certification.


Based on the Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation (Next Generation Law) and the Law for the Promotion of Active Roles for Women in the Workplace (Women's Activity Promotion Law), a five-year "General Business Owner Action Plan" was formulated in 2021. As a result of various support measures, we achieved the goal in two years (from April 1, 2007 to March 31, 2023) instead of the five years.  On May 31st, Mukogawa Corporation became the first educational institution to be certified as "Kurumin" by the Hyogo Labor Bureau for its general business owner action plan, which meets the standards based on Article 13 of the Next Generation Law.


The Kurumin mark is a combination of the word "Okurumi" (baby blanket) and "Shokuba-gurumi" (workplace and company) and expresses support for balancing work and parenthood. Certification allows the use of the Kurumin Mark on printed materials created by the University. A star mark will be added according to the number of times the certification is granted.


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