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The gymnastics team won the team all-around and Mitsuha Kotani won the individual all-around at the 73rd West Japan Student Gymnastics Championships (West Japan Intercollegiate).


The 73rd West Japan Student Gymnastics Championships (West Japan Intercollegiate) was held at Green Arena Kobe (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture) from June 2nd to 4th, and the gymnastics team won the Women's Overall Team Championship (score: 244.193). Mitsuha Kotani (2nd year, Health and Sports Science) won the individual all-around (score: 50.232). In the individual events, Kotani and Tsujimae Ayari (3rd year, Health and Sports Science) won first place in the average beam and uneven bars, respectively.


 Kiyori Imayoshi, a first-year student in the Health and Sports Science Department, who competed in the individual event, said, "I was nervous at the competition after a year since I tore my anterior cruciate ligament in my senior year of high school. The encouragement from the club members gave me the strength I needed, and I think my floor performance was good. The MWU gymnastics club has good sense of teamwork, so I think I can concentrate on the competition".


 Olympian Aiko Sugihara also accompanied the team this time as a coach. She assisted in the competition and gave advice to the athletes. "I was more nervous as a coach than as an athlete," she said. “I tried to give advice to the athletes so that they could relax and enjoy the competition as much as possible. I think I was able to see the results of my practice in this competition. I would like to coach them so that they can overcome their problems in preparation for the All-Japan Intercollegiate Championships."


Hina Onishi, a first-year student of Health and Sports Science, who received assistance from Ms. Sugihara, said, "It was very encouraging to have Ms. Sugihara, who knows the world, give me guidance. Her concrete and precise advice on how to win points was easy to understand and helpful."


The competition will be broadcast on Mukojo TV #14 in July.


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