<English/日本語>スポーツマネジメント学科 穐原ゼミの学生が甲子園や鳴尾の魅力を、インスタグラム「甲子園スタイル」で発信しています。


English below. 


健康・スポーツ科学部スポーツマネジメント学科 穐原寿識准教授のゼミの学生7人が、甲子園や鳴尾地区のおすすめスポットやお店、イベントなどを紹介しているインスタグラム「甲子園スタイル」の2023年度の運営が始まりました。







Students in the Akihara seminar of the Department of Sports Management are sharing the beauty of Koshien and Naruo on the "Koshien Style" Instagram page.


Seven students of Associate Professor Kazunori Akihara's seminar in the Department of Sports Management, Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, have started operating the "Koshien Style" Instagram site for 2023, introducing recommended spots, stores, and events in Koshien and the Naruo area.


This is a collaborative project operated by Nishinomiya City, Hanshin Electric Railway, and Mukogawa Women's University, with students acting as writers and taking charge of reporting and writing, as well as producing and disseminating content on social media and other forms of media. Now in its fourth year, this project has expanded to cover a wider range of areas and subjects, and students are actively engaged in activities beyond the boundaries of their seminar activities. 


The first article, with the cooperation of LOFT in LaLaport Koshien, focuses on rain wear available at the store.


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