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   月曜~金曜 10:00~16:30

   土曜 10:00~15:00

   閉館日 日曜(6月25日、7月9日は10:00~15:00開館)











The Mukogawa Women's University Museum's 2023 Spring Exhibition, "Habitat for Objects, Habitat for People," opened on May 31st at the 5th floor gallery of the Institute for Academic and Research Exchange Center and will run through July 12.


This exhibition is the result of 14 years of research and study of the Nakata Family Collection, a collection of materials on the daily life of an entire house in Bishoen, Higashisumiyoshi Ward, Osaka City, built before World War II, which was donated by the University. As valuable research materials to learn about the lives of ordinary people from the Showa to the Heisei periods, the University museum has collected a part of the Nakata family collection so far.


This exhibition, the third to deal with the Nakata family collection, focuses on the relationship between people and objects. The original owner of the collection is Ms. Shizu Nakata (1920-2009). She worked from the 1930s until her death, a vast amount of food, cooking utensils and other daily necessities, clothing, furniture, and family correspondence were neatly arranged and stored at her home. As is typical of Mr. Nakata, who cherished her possessions, she also left behind records with illustrations of the items he purchased.


 The exhibition comprehensively captures the history of one woman's life by displaying photographs of the Nakata family's interior and a model of the two-story house, displaying clothes with records of where they were purchased and their prices, and showing unopened cans, paper boxes of sugar and other foodstuffs in their original state as they were stored in cupboards and cupboards. Also on display are letters to her brother who went to war and other personal belongings stored at the family altar, which allow visitors to experience the earnestness with which an ordinary family became involved in the war.


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