<English/日本語>本学が2022年度 「色彩検定®」において、文部科学大臣賞を4年連続で受賞しました


English below. 


本学は、「色彩検定®」において2022年度 文部科学大臣賞(大学部門で1校のみ選出)を受賞しました。2019年度から4年連続受賞、2017年度に受賞した優秀団体賞から数えると6年連続で入賞となります。


社会情報学部 社会情報学科 和泉志穂准教授が「色彩情報論」(学科専門科目)、「色彩情報(1)(2)」(共通教育科目)を履修した学生の受験対策サポートを行うと共に、授業受講者を中心に準団体として学内受験者の取りまとめも行っています。また、資格サポート窓口でも多くの学生が講座を受講しており、2017年からトータルで1,262名の合格者を輩出しています。


2022年度は、武庫川女子大学(準団体)としては、79名が色彩検定を受験し、74名が合格しました。そのうち、2級、UC級の受験者の中から、各1名、満点合格者が輩出され、個人で「奨励賞」を受賞しました。2級に満点合格をした大塚涼葉さん(生活環境学部 生活環境学科3年生)は、「WEB授業なので自分のペースで無理なく勉強を進めることができました。また、数回の対面授業では、理解できるまで先生が丁寧に教えてくださいました。そのおかげで過去問の点数もぐんぐんと伸び、色彩の知識が増え、楽しんで勉強することができました。色彩検定の知識はデザインに関することだけでなく、日常生活でも役に立つものなので取得できて本当によかったです。今後の大学の授業や仕事に就いた時に活かしていきたいと思います」と話しています。


また、UC級に満点合格をした多鹿希輝さん(文学部 日本語日本文学科 2年生)は、「色彩検定の勉強はLIVE配信の講座と復習を中心に、短時間で集中して行うよう心掛けました。色覚特性に配慮した配色を、学校教育の現場でどのように実践できるか考えながら勉強したことで、知識の定着を図ることができました。試験前の1週間は、ひたすら過去問演習に取り組みましたが、満点を取れたことはなかったので、本番の試験で満点を取れたことは大変うれしく、自信になりました」と話しています。



Mukogawa Women’s University received the MEXT Award in the 2022 Color Proficiency Test® for the fourth year in a row.


The University received the 2022 Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award (only one school was selected in the university category) for the Color Proficiency Test®.


This is the fourth consecutive year that the university has received this award since 2019, and the sixth consecutive year if one counts from the excellent organization award received in 2017.


Every year, students who have taken Associate Professor Shiho Izumi's "Color Information Theory" (department special to the course) and "Color Information (1) (2)" (General Education course) in the Department of Social Informatics of the Faculty of Social Informatics actively apply for the certification exam. Associate Professor Izumi, mainly for those who have taken the class, provides support for students to pass the exam by giving them last-minute preparation for the Color Proficiency Test using past exam questions. Many students are also taking courses at the Qualification Support Desk, which has produced 1,262 successful applicants in the six years since 2017.


In 2022, 79 students (excluding those who were absent) took the color certification examination. Among them, a total of 29 students from on-campus courses (Levels 3, 2, and UC) took the exam and 26 passed. 1 student from each of Levels 2 and UC passed with a perfect score and received an "Encouragement Award" as an individual.


Suzuka Otsuka, a third-year student in the Department of Human Environmental Sciences at the Faculty of Human Environmental Sciences, who passed the Level 2 exam with a perfect score, commented, "I was able to focus on my studies without any difficulties because of the web-based lessons. Also, in several in-person classes, the teachers carefully taught us in digestible bites. Thanks to this, my scores during mock examinations improved rapidly, my knowledge of colors grew deeper, and I was able to enjoy the learning process. I’m glad that I was able to obtain the color certification because it is useful not only in design but also in everyday life. I hope to make use of this knowledge in my future classes and when I get a job." she said.


Kiki Tajika, a second year in the Department of Japanese Language and Literature, Faculty of Letters, who passed the UC level with a perfect score, said, "I tried to concentrate on studying for the color certification test in a short time, focusing on the lectures and review. I was able to consolidate my knowledge by thinking about how I could implement color schemes that take into account color vision characteristics in the field of school education. During the week before the exam, I worked hard on past exam questions, but I never got a perfect score, so I was very happy to get a perfect score on the real exam, which gave me confidence." she said.



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